Unauthorized Substance Tax

What if your client has received a letter from the NCDOR while incarcerated that they didn’t know about? What if they find out about this tax bill after the 45-day mark to refute the charges?


Seems like the system is built to keep them down, forcing them to sell what they can just to make ends meet. The good news is they aren’t alone. We have helped people just like them get an affordable payment plan so they can get compliant with the IRS!

Get the representation they need!

Why do they need unauthorized substance tax representation?

  • If they received notice of the tax after serving jail time but are unsure how to pay it
  •  If they have been incarcerated for possession with intent to distribute illegal substances
  • If they have received a letter from the NCDOR stating, they have been assessed an unauthorized substance tax
  • If they have distributed illegal substances without the tax stamp provided by NCDOR

We are here to get them the support they need for representation with the IRS and NCDOR

Why does your client need our team?

  1.     They have unauthorized substance tax debt and are receiving letters from NCDOR that they don’t know what to do with. Our team provides a free assessment that allows them the clarity they need to make informed decisions about their tax situation.
  2.     They owe $10,000 or more in back unauthorized substance tax debt and they need representation to NCDOR to negotiate payment terms. Our team of enrolled agents and tax attorneys are licensed to represent your client to both the federal IRS and the state departments.

  3.     They don’t have the funds to pay a professional to get out of trouble with NCDOR or the IRS. We are a non-profit and charge a nominal fee based on their income level, allowing them to get the help they need today without the added financial stress.

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