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Pillars Need Support Sometimes

Planning your taxes properly can be the difference between achieving your goals and being on the street, as this taxpayer found out. This taxpayer came to us with a $40,000 assessment and a house full of children. But the children weren’t hers. She had put together a...

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Freedom From the Shackles of the Drug Tax

This taxpayer had come a long way. A youth spent selling drugs and running with gangs lead to incarceration. Luckily, the taxpayer reformed, used the time in prison to advance their skills, and found good employment upon release. About a year into employment, a...

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Lemon-Fresh Cleanup for the Janitor

We have many small business people who need our help. Often, these taxpayers go through difficult life events (divorce, death in the family, family issues) that affect the business, which result in unpaid and unfiled taxes. In this instance, our client had a small...

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Saved Marriage From Unfiled Tax Returns

Many of our clients with unfiled returns don’t file the returns out of fear of the unknown. They don’t think they can pay, or they are worried about what the numbers on the paper say about them. Unfiled returns cause much greater issues than unpaid taxes. In this...

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