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IRS rules change annually and these services are based on the current rules the IRS published in 2018 for the 2018-2019 tax years.

Service 1: Assessment

You authorize us to access to your IRS transcripts which allows us to assess the next steps including filing previous years, applying for payment compliance options, determine payment options, etc.

Service 2: Tax Controversy

When you file a tax return and the IRS disagrees with a position you take on the return, a “controversy” results. Usually, the IRS doesn’t agree with the amount of income you have stated or they don’t agree with an expense you claimed. The IRS will send you a letter within a year that assesses taxes and fees to the adjusted income that they believe you actually had. Controversies often occur with taxpayers who normally receive a 1099 but didn’t get the 1099 from the employer, or if you take a tax position that the IRS often disagrees with like number of dependents. Our work with you is to test the validity of the IRS’s disagreement.

2a: Offer in Compromise [OIC] – When a taxpayer has been assessed a tax liability (owes the IRS) and lacks the ability to pay, there is a mechanism to pay a lesser amount. We help the taxpayer file the necessary forms and information to allow the IRS to assess the debt and the taxpayer’s ability to repay. We have a 95% acceptance rate because we only file OICs we think we will be accepted. We are happy to give OIC candidate assessments.

2b: Installment agreements – When a taxpayer has been assessed a tax liability (owes the IRS) and lacks the ability to pay it all now, they may request in an “installment agreement” (repayment plan). Normally, if you divide the taxes you owe by 72 months, and you can make that payment; that is one installment agreement. If you cannot make payment in 72 months, a “partial pay installment agreement” is an option. Partial Pay Plans are more complicated as you must provide income and expense information to prove you can’t make the payment. If you can’t make that payment at all, you fall into currently non-collectable status. They will garnish wages or refunds if you are in this non-collectable status.

2c: Lien releases – The IRS can file a lien in the 10 year period After you have been assessed a tax. You have to have the lien released to sell the property which is a tricky matter if you owe more than $25,000 as you must apply for the release which is a large amount of paperwork.

Service 3: Bankruptcy Tax

We represent people who have filed bankruptcy in front of the IRS, file returns, and negotiate a settlement for the taxes owed.

Service 4: Small Business: Payroll/Trust Account Taxes

Often, businesses owners who are withholding payroll taxes but are not pay the taxes on to the IRS as they should, get assessed a penalty. These are not forgiven if the business files bankruptcy. We represent the owners to help determine a strategy dealing with assessment and repayment. We also help the owner establish proper methods for filing payroll taxes. Further, we also help owners who have issues of whether people are employers or independent contractors.

Service 5: Unauthorized Substances Tax

This tax is assessed automatically if you have been arrested with possession and intent to sell illegal substances (even if never found guilty). This is a stamp tax on illegal substances (normally narcotics or “moonshine”). There is a stamp/sticker you can get from the North Carolina Department of Revenue making your sales legally taxable, but that doesn’t make it legal to sell these substances, just makes you tax compliant. The tax is assessed within 45 days of the arrest, and if it isn’t paid or appealed in that time, you get fined for delinquent payments. These taxes must be resolved as they are not typically dischargeable in bankruptcy.

Service 6: Family-Owned Business Tax Issues

When small businesses and family intertwine, there are many issues that that come as the family’s income and well-being derives from the success of the business. Whether is an individual store, maintenance company, or janitorial service, the tax issues can sink the business that these families need. We are here to help deal with those tax issues as they arise so the business can survive and support the family.

We do not file current year taxes.
(In those cases, we refer to ESRI and the Vita program.)

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