We have many small business people who need our help. Often, these taxpayers go through difficult life events (divorce, death in the family, family issues) that affect the business, which result in unpaid and unfiled taxes.

In this instance, our client had a small Janitorial business. After going through some of these life events, the IRS had taken aggressive collection action and was threatening to levy the business accounts. We filed the proper paperwork to stop the collection action, filed the proper returns, and negotiated a fair settlement for the back taxes owed.

More importantly, we worked with client to improve their tax reporting and filing system to allow them the ability to grow their business. They are now highly successful local janitorial business.

Payroll tax fail forced a business turnaround.

When small businesses have unpaid payroll taxes, it is often a symptom of an underlying problem. In one of our cases, the problem was that while our clients sales were robust, cost to produce was greater then they had thought, so they didn’t have the funds to pay the payroll taxes.

We worked with the client on a two-pronged effort: first, we worked with the client to manage their costs and pricing to help business survive.

Secondly, we got the client filing compliant, paying compliant going forward, and in a repayment plan for back taxes they could afford. They turned their business around because they dealt with the payroll tax issues.