About Piedmont Tax Clinic

We started Piedmont Tax Clinic back in 2015 after noticing a pattern of behavior with our community. The computerization of the IRS collection process fell heavily on the shoulders of poorer members of the community. It wasn’t that people weren’t filing taxes, rather they were being issued notices they didn’t understand which eventually turned into liens and levies. We noticed this causing marital issues, employment issues, and even legal issues when they turn to other methods trying to get the IRS off their backs. We knew we needed to do something. So we started the nonprofit to give people in these situations hope. Someone does care and is willing to help. You are not alone.

Enter Piedmont Tax Clinic. In 2015 we started helping people who were referred to us by CPA’s, tax advisers, and attorneys in the area to help their clients with back tax issues. Since then we have helped over 1000 people get back into compliance with the IRS and State tax departments. As your trusted resource we are uniquely positioned to help you, the people of our community meet your financial goals. We want to help our community be in good standing with the IRS so we can keep as much of our hard earned money as possible while keeping the government happy.

We work with financial advisers, CPA’s, accountants, bookkeepers, and payroll organizations to help you stay out of hot water with the IRS.

Larry Lawson

Larry Lawson became an Enrolled Agent in 2012. Since then he has assisted hundreds of taxpayers with their tax issues. These issues include anything from minor income tax problems [$10,000 or less] all the way to severe tax problems totaling more than seven figures. Larry is a firm believer that all tax situations contain a solution; one that makes all parties content and whole. We have a tried and true tax compliance process that continuously yield successful results. By reaching out to Larry and the rest of the team here at the Piedmont Tax Clinic, you will see this process first-hand; and begin your journey back to a worry-free tax life.

Erik Harvey

Erik creatively guides people through the complex minefield of tax resolution. Erik’s work experience, as a lawyer, tax accountant, professor, and business owner, makes him uniquely qualified to help people resolve these issues. Like Larry, Erik believes there is a favorable solution for you and the IRS that can help you get back in good standing. That is why they make such a great team. Put Erik’s many years of experience with complex tax and financial problems work for you!

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way…here are some things you probably never knew, and didn’t know you wanted to know about us!

Q: What do you have an unhealthy relationship with Larry?

A: LOL Is it really un-healthly to love a team as much as I love the Steelers? If I could be yellow and black I would!

Q: What’s your favorite sports movie, since you brought up the Steelers?

A: The Hoosiers (1986) its a classic. If you don’t know it, go watch it right now… I’ll wait…

Q: One more sports question, you mentioned the Steelers, are there any other sports teams you follow or obsess over?

A: No I don’t obsess over anyone else, just the Steelers. But I do go out of my way to cheer on the VA Cavaliers when I can.

Q: You brought up some classics earlier with your favorite sports movie so we have to ask, what is your favorite Chuck Norris movie?

 A: Ohh… that’s a tough one…there are so many good ones. I think Missing in Action is my favorite though.

Q: Well with one epic star down we must ask about Burt Reynolds, do you have a favorite of his?

A: Oh that is even harder…I think I have to go with The Longest Yard. I could probably recite lines from that one I have seen it so many times.

Q: While we are on the topic of things to watch obsessively, what is your go to binge show?

A: Hard to pick one, but I usually go to The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad – they are both epic though.

Q: Let’s talk about food, now that entertainment is out of the way, what do you love to eat?

A: That is an easy one, a fully loaded Carolina dog. I love it with all the fixings, if I have to eat it with a fork and knife it’s perfect!

Q: A fork and knife for a hot dog?

A: I have a beard…it gets messy with my messy dog.

Q: Why not just shave the beard off and you can leave the fork at home?

A: I can’t shave it off – for one thing my face would be cold and for second my kids wouldn’t recognize me. Plus I have a beard because women and children don’t. 

Q: Since we are talking about messy food, are you and East Carolina BBQ guy or West Carolina BBQ guy?

A: Has to be west all day long…wait there exists East Carolina BBQ? Just kidding, but still West hands down.

Q: So now we are getting to the good stuff…what is your guilty pleasure?

A: I don’t know if I should say…this is going on the website? I love to sing out loud to Adel – I think I am pretty good, she took lessons from me. If you see me talking to myself in the car, I am just signing along with Adel making sure she hits the notes right.

Q: What is something you hate?

A: I hate Pants, Ties, and Jackets – if you ever see me in this set up run because something is wrong.

Oh that’s funny! We will have to keep an eye out for that!

Q: Last question, what is your version of hell?

A: I am a cut to the chase kind of guy so I am going to have to say never ending small talk with Michael Bolton on in the background…yeah that would probably be a great torture mechanism for me.

Q: What do you have an unhealthy relationship with Erik?

A: This may surprise you, but I am totally obsessed with salads – more specifically, salad dressing.

Q: Let’s talk about food, would it be safe to say salads are your favorite thing to eat?

A: This may be surprising to you, but I really love meat…More specfically I really love beef bone marrow. You have to cook it just right and it is considered a delicacy in many places because it is so melt in your mouth good.

Q: I didn’t see that coming! But since we are talking food, are you and East Carolina BBQ guy or West Carolina BBQ guy?

A: I’m with Larry on this one, only one type of BBQ exists and that is West Carolina BBQ.

Q: Sorry Eastern BBQ fans. Sounds like you are not living till you have Western BBQ. Now that I am hungry… let’s talk about entertainment. LOL What’s your favorite sports movie?

A: While I agree that the Hoosiers is a great classic movie, I am all about the North Dallas 40 (1979).

Q: Speaking of sports, do you have a favorite sports team?

A: I love when Cleveland plays the Steelers so I can cheer on Cleveland – it irritates the crud out of Larry which I find marginally entertaining. Then again I really enjoy all the Cleveland teams – they are all great! I do mix it up by cheering on the Hawk Eyes too.

Q: Action should be your middle name! With that in mind, are you related to Chuck Norris? Kidding. But we do want to know, what is your favorite Chuck Norris movie?

A: I have to go with Lone Wolf McQuade. That’s a classic Chuck Norris movie – and no, I’m not related but you wouldn’t tell by looking at me.

Q: Well with one epic star down we must ask about Burt Reynods, do you have a favorite of his?

A: I agree with Larry on this one but I also love Smokey and The Bandit.

Q: While we are on the topic of things to watch obsessivly, what is your go to binge show?

A: Have you ever heard of Brock Myer? That is my go to binge show and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t yet seen it.

Q: Since we are talking about binge worthy things… What is your guilty pleasure?

A: I love Elton John – but the 70’s stuff, the 80’s stuff is to tame. His 70’s music is on most of the time in my house.

Q: What is something you hate?

A: I am with Larry on this, I hate Pants, Ties, and Jackets – I only ever wear the three together when I have to be in court or I am meeting someone for the first time.

Q: You also have a beard, and that is unexpected from an attorney. So why do you have a beard?

A: I have one because I’m a man and that is what men can do that women and children can’t!

Q: Last question, what is your version of hell?

A: I am am going to be totally honest – Disney – it scares the hell out of me and with Peter Cetera’s classic 70’s and 80’s music on loop. I’m with Larry – this would be a great torture idea. Don’t get any ideas!

What Do We Do?

  • Controversy & Resolution
  • Payroll Tax
  • Trust Fun Recovery Penalty
  • Tax Lien Removal
  • Bankruptcy Tax
  • Family-Owned Business Tax Issues
  • Unauthorized Substances Tax
We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to solving taxpayer’s problems through information, education, and consultation. We work with tax payers to:

  • Inform them of their current tax situations
  • Educate them as to how to best be in compliance with the IRS going forward
  • Consult with them as to how to resolve back tax issues

All of our services are at reduces rates based on the taxpayer’s income at the time of filing.

Do you or someone you know…

✔ have letters piling up from the IRS?

✔ have a lien on your home or property due to tax issues?

✔ have years of unfiled taxes?

These would be great people for us to know, and we can help! Give us a call today for a no-obligation conversation!